Project Optimization

First impressions are everything especially when competing against the hundred of projects that go live everyday.   We work with your team to provide insight to what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your project.  From identifying the best pledge components to the right equity.  


We drive the crowd

You have what you think is a good idea, you talk with friends and family, create a prototype, then publish it to one of the crowdfunding sites hoping for the best.  Large or small, we help to drive more traffic to your project to get the funding you need to get started.  Learn more by clicking below    


Design & Manufacturing

Raising money is only half the battle.  Once funded, going from prototype to manufacturing to fulfillment is challenging.  We work with manufacturer in the United States  and abroad to make your vision a reality.  From prototyping to production, we help deliver to the crowd and beyond.


Dollars raised from Crowdfunding.

Number of projects created daily.

Percentage of Projects Funded

Drive more traffic to your   project



What we offer

Guarantee satisfaction

We guarantee your satisfaction and offer a 7 day money back guarantee on our prepacked services.  We work hard to ensure that best experience for our customer and will do everything in our power to ensure you are satisfied with our services.


Crowdfunding campaigns

We work within our network and with trusted partners to get your projects in front of as many eyeballs as possible.  Like anything crowdfunding is a numbers game, the more people looking at your project the more chances to get funded.


Marketing Services

With our crack team of marketers, we deliver to all your marketing needs, from logo design to website development.

Video consultation or creation

A great video is probably the most important item in getting your project funded.   We can help by either providing creative assistance or create the video for your project.



With our relationships in the US, China and abroad, we can help you find legitimate  Manufacturers to deliver your product to the marjet.


Rapid prototyping

Looking to get a prototype of your product built.   We work internally or with  several prototyping companies to get that first product prototyped in the most cost effective manor.

Business development

Business Development is more art than science and with our relationships with some of the largest Internet companies, we can help guide you to cultivate the right partners for your business.



The patent process can be difficult, lengthy and costly, we have a network of lawyers to bring down the cost and time to market for your patent


Product development

From app design and creation to developing business requirements, we can help create and manage any part of your product development.